Sling Library Sessions

Sling library sessions

Sling library sessions take place at various locations across the Borders and Lothians.

Hiring a sling is useful for trying before you buy, to borrow a carrier for an event or holiday, hiring long term rather than buying, trying other things and different brands, or for getting fitting help with your own sling.

How does the library work?

Come along to one of our regular sling library sessions. You will have a chance to browse the range of carriers available for hire and get to spend 15 minutes with a trained consultant or peer supporter who will ensure you know how to use it before hiring. Sessions can often be busy so if you feel you have more in depth questions, would like to try more than one or two carriers, or are interested in learning to back carry please consider booking a consultation or workshop.

For more up to date information on sling library sessions and dates please get in touch or visit the Facebook page.

Due to Covid-19 face to face library sessions are currently not running. We are currently offering online advice and postal hires.