Online Sling Help

Online sling help is a great option if you aren’t able to see a consultant in person or if you need some trouble shooting advice about your own carrier.

We have several different packages of online sling help to choose from.

Full Consultation

This is ideal if you have several different slings you would like to learn how to use, or for learning how to back carry with a woven wrap.

£22 for 90 minutes. Includes 50% discount on a one month sling hire.

One Hour Consultation

Ideal if you’d like to learn to back carry, use a woven wrap or feed in a sling with a young baby.

£15 for 60 minutes. Includes a 50% discount on a one month sling hire.

Mini Consultation

Ideal for helping you use your own sling confidently. We can check position and show you how to put it on correctly. You can also get tips to make you both comfortable. Also perfect for learning how to feed in a sling with an older baby or for learning how to hip carry.

£8 for 30 minutes.

Troubleshooting Fit Check

Ideal if you’re confident about using your sling and putting it on but would like a quick fit check. We can let you know if there’s any tweaks you can do to improve positioning and comfort.

£5 for 15 minutes.

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