How to use the Scottish Baby Box sling

The first carrier many Scottish families now try is the sling in the Baby Box. It’s great that new families are encouraged to carry their babies, there’s so many benefits! But how do you use the Scottish baby box sling?

The Scottish baby box sling in a front wrap cross carry

What about the sling, what’s it like and how on earth do you use it?!

What is it?

It’s a stretchy wrap, a long piece of jersey material that you tie. They’re fantastic for newborns – the soft material moulds around them, keeping them close to you and lets them feel safe and secure. But did you know that it’s a one-way stretchy, meaning the material only stretches in one direction?

What’s the difference between a one-way and a two-way stretchy wrap and does it matter?

A two-way stretchy wrap will stretch in two directions, both along the width and the length. The baby box sling, a one-way stretchy, is only stretchy across the width. This means that if you pre-tie your baby box sling then pop your baby in, the wrap won’t ping back around your baby because it’s less stretchy. It may feel like it’s not supportive enough and that your baby sinks down. Obviously this feeling isn’t great. It’s important that any carrier holds your baby in a snug upright position, to fully support them and protect their airway.

How do you tie it?

The instructions that come with the sling aren’t the easiest to follow, especially if you’re sleep deprived! Often it’s much easier to follow a video online but be wary, there are some great ones and some terrible. And, often the instructions you find online are more suitable for two-way stretchy slings.

It’s great if you can get someone to show you in person, such as your local sling library or sling consultant. There is also online help available, in the form of free workshops.

I prefer tying the baby box sling in a ‘Front wrap cross carry’. This is a bit different from the instructions, but lots of people find it easier to get a nice, secure carry without having to do lots of adjustment.

Safety and Positioning

The TICKS sheet in your baby box gives some important safety information.

Read this for more info on safety and positioning you baby in a sling.

Moving on from the baby box sling

Stretchy wraps are lovely with newborns and can be used for several months. Most people will want to move on from the baby box sling any time between 3 – 12 months. It depends on the size of your baby, and how comfortable you both are. Although, stretchy wraps are great for newborns they don’t suit everyone. If you don’t want to use the baby box sling, or when you feel your stretchy wrap isn’t supportive enough, there are lots of other types of slings available. It’s useful to hire a sling to try first and see what suits your family.