How to dress your baby in a sling during the winter

Do you know how to dress your baby in a sling in winter? It can be hard to know what to do – if they’re too hot, or too cold? Remember, you can check their temperature by feeling their back or tummy rather than hands or feet.

A mum carrying a toddler on her back in winter

Here’s some guidelines for carrying in the sling in cold weather:

❄ Avoid padded snowsuits. These can make babies overheat and, because they’re so bulky, can cause issues with their positioning, potentially even affecting their airway. Using layers or a lightweight fleece suit is a much better option. Wool is great for being warm and breathable.

❄ Most people tend to overdress babies when they’re carrying them. Remember your sling counts as a layer; three layers if you’re using a stretchy wrap or caboo. And don’t forget how much shared body heat you generate together, especially in a front carry.

❄ Always think about your baby’s airway – it should be visible at all times, with no fabric covering their face. Think about how you dress and avoid scarves that might obstruct their airway.

❄ Although their core body will probably be nice and cosy, remember about extremities such as head and legs – their arms too if they’re old enough to have them out. You get some beautiful thick booties and gorgeous baby legwarmers to help keep their legs and feet cosy. You could also use a thick pair of your socks as an extra layer.

❄ A babywearing coat can keep you both warm but remember because this goes over you both you’ll generate lots of body heat together, so there’s no need for as many layers. Babywearing covers are a great option as these can be shared between partners and most are universal and fit over any sling. You can even just tuck a blanket or their jacket round the outside of the sling. If baby does get a bit too toasty it’s easy to take off.

Carrying in the winter

Have fun carrying this winter!

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