Welcome to the Carry Me Round Sling Library.

We have a wide selection of carriers available to hire.

You can hire a carrier in person at a sling library session or by postal hire.

Postal Hire – available UK wide.

At a Sling Library Session – Come along to a library session, they run at various locations in the Scottish Borders, Mid Lothian and Edinburgh.

Learn about our Newborn Sling Hire Package.

Find out more about the different types of sling available and browse our Sling Library Catalogue.

Here’s why hiring a carrier can be useful…..

• Finding the perfect carrier for your family is like finding a well fitting, comfortable pair of jeans, and you often have to try a few to find one you love.

• It can often save you time and money in the long run if you hire first, and ensure you like the sling before you buy.

• We can advise you on what might be suitable and help narrow down your choice.

• We will show you how to use your sling safely and comfortably.

• Hire a carrier for going to an event or on holiday.

• You can hire medium to long term, if you’d rather not buy.

• Try a different type of sling if you fancy a change.